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  • Her service is hideous. Don't be fooled by her online blog, she knows nothing. Despite paying a retention fee she showed up to 2 out of 5 of my court hearings that she was supposed to be at. When she defended me in court her arguments were embarrassing. Don't have her prepare any documents for you. She writes like a 10 year old and has serious spelling and grammatical issues. Everything is done last minute. She told me a day prior to my hearing that she was flying into New York the day of my last hearing and would be 2 hours late. Why she would choose to fly into NY the same day she had a hearing beats me since she only has a license in NY and NJ. We sat there waiting and she never even showed up like she said she would. She didn't even follow up on what happened either. I had to send her an email asking what the deal was. When I showed some anger towards this she says I failed to show a concern for her personal matters that made her late. Thats her business not mine. Because she
  • laura

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Law Office of Tracey A. Bloodsaw, Astoria

Tracey A. Bloodsaw Attorney at Law, New York - Tracey A. Bloodsaw law firm in New York is dedicated to providing professional legal services at affordable rates. Whether you're looking for a divorce attorney, domestic violence help, child custody lawyer or information on child support laws, contested divorces, domestic violence attorney or more, we can help. Contact us for legal consultation.

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